Honesty is one of the good qualities that people have an obligation to be happy in all areas of their lives, for an honest person is loved among people and gets their trust in the worldly life, and he wins heaven in the hereafter, God releases his distress, salvation from death, blessing in sustenance, and winning the status of martyrs , Comfort and peace of mind

Types of honesty

Trust the tongue and avoid perjury
Sincerity of work


Trust is the performance and preservation of rights, and it is one of the ethics of Islam and a basis of its foundations, and it is the great duty that the mountains, the heavens, and the earth refused to carry and be carried by man. Good manners and faith


Cooperation is a form of assistance that people provide to each other in order to reach a specific goal, and it is thus a distance from selfishness, because the interest through it is for the group and not for the individual himself, and cooperation differs from other types of assistance as an interactive act through which both parties give, and it is also He did without waiting for something in return, and Almighty and He said in an airtight download: “And cooperate in righteousness and piety.” Cooperation is one of the highest feelings that a person shows to others. When he reaches out to them and does not spare them with the effort, money, feelings, and sympathy he will soon show the positive impact of that.


They are contributions and initiatives for individuals and groups, whether material or moral, for the good of the individual and society
The society produces goodness, sophistication and development


Kindness and gentleness in the whole matter of great good, and its consequence is beautiful and praiseworthy, and through it man realizes what he does not perceive with intensity
In this hadith, the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says: “He who has been given his share of kindness”, that is, his share of kindness, softness and grace in his dealings with people, “the goodness of God has been given,” meaning the goodness of God For the servant is accompanied by people in this world, so God attaches to him in the Hereafter an accord with good companionship, and whoever deprives his fortune of companionship, i.e. his share of kindness, softness, and grace is forbidden, with good In it you realize the world and the hereafter, and by his miss he misses; Because it is reflected by violence, which is not praiseworthy, and there is no good in this world or in the Hereafter.


Steadiness of the heart in the heat, and stability in fear
Many people suspect courage by force, and they are heterogeneous, for courage is the steadfastness of the heart at the downturn, even if it is weak of oppression.
The friend, may God be pleased with him, encouraged the nation after the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, and God and others like him were stronger than him. And their heroes, prove and encourage them


Selflessness in Islam is a great benevolence of love and affection, and it is evidence of the firmness of faith and trust in what is within the Rahman, and it is a sign of a person’s love for his brothers, and proof of the integrity of the soul from greed, selfishness and greed, for faith requires that the believer find what he has for the sake of his brothers. The noble Sunnah of the Prophet called to him in the hadith of Anas bin Malik – may God be pleased with him – that the Messenger of God – peace and blessings be upon him – said: “None of you believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. He loves himself, and from here it is possible to define altruism as offering someone else to himself in what he needs from the worldly affairs,


Tolerance is one of the human principles and tolerance in the religion of Islam means forgetting the painful past with all of our will, and it is also giving up our desire to harm others for any reason that has happened in the past and it is a strong desire to open our eyes to see the merits of people rather than judge them and judge them or condemn anyone who are they
And tolerance is also a feeling of compassion, compassion, and affection, and all this is present in our hearts and important to us and to this world around us.
Tolerance also opens your heart, and there is no feeling of anger or negative feelings for anyone in front of you. By forgiving, you can know that all people make mistakes and it is okay for a person to sin


Patience is the ability of a person to endure the injustice of the world, or his ability to endure what cannot endure himself, which is one of the commendable qualities in our religion. God Almighty commanded patience, urged him, and demonstrated the great reward in it,
God did not specify a specific reward for the Sabeans, but said: Only the Sabrons pay their wages without reckoning. God described the Sabeans as the righteous, and they are also in God’s love, love, and victory.
Reaching paradise and winning God’s approval requires fatigue and patience, and this is not achieved by laziness and comfort. The Messenger of God did not gain comfort in calling people to goodness and spreading Islam among them, until God described it as having great morals.
Expiation of bad deeds, forgiveness of sins, wiping out sins, and entering Paradise, and this is one of the greatest patience that a slave reap


 is the breadth of creation, as it is a name for the morals and commendable deeds that appear from a person, and it is not said that it is generous until it appears from it, so the person is told that he is generous if large business appears from him: as spending a lot of money in hardship, or carrying a pregnancy in which the blood of a people is injected
And He honored people who intended to praise His actions with the face of God Almighty, and He who wins the rewards of this world and the Hereafter

Charity to the neighbor

Islam has magnified the right of the neighbor, and Gabriel, peace be upon him, continued to recommend to the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon the neighbor, until the Prophet thought that the Sharia would bring the inheritance of the neighbor: “Gabriel still recommends me to the neighbor until I have assumed that he will inherit it.”
It was recommended by the Koran charity to the neighbor (and worship Allah and join none with nothing to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, the needy and the neighbor of kin and the neighbor side and Saheb says)
The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, urged benevolence to the neighbor and honor him (and whoever believes in God and the Last Day let him honor his neighbor)
Good speech
A good word, Hidayatullah and virtues of slaves (and Hdoa to the good of saying) a message senders, and a feature of believers, called by the Lord of the Worlds in his holy book, he said: (say, to say that Ebadi is the best that the devil Anzg them that Satan was an enemy of man pointing)
The Holy Qur’an between us the importance of a good word and a great impact and the continuation of its goodness, and the gravity of the word malignant and serious harm and the need to weed them out, says the Almighty (Have you not seen how Allah, for example, a good tree good word origin fixed branch in the sky. Bear fruit all the while permission Lord hits God is a proverb for people, so that they may remember them.
Islam has commanded us to choose the best and most beautiful of words, so that familiarity and love is common among people that God blessed and Almighty addresses His servants believers to say in their speeches and dialogue with them the good and good speech, for he called for familiarity and brotherhood among them.